Unlimited Jump Package: Spaceland Houston 2022


How many jumps can YOU do in a year?

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Ready for a year of cheap jumping bliss? Snag an unlimited jump package for 2022 as a gift to yourself!

How many jumps can you do in a year? What if your jumps got cheaper the more you jumped? What if you never had to bother with paying manifest at the end of the day, and never had to worry about whether you have enough money to jump your tail off that weekend? Every year, we have jumpers who make more than 1,000 skydives on the package!

All of this can be yours in 2022 with our Unlimited Jump Package! Buy a package and jump all you want in 2022. Just think of how cheap your jumps could be! The package covers all of your regular lift tickets (full altitude and hop and pops) out of Skydive Spaceland-owned aircraft from Jan. 1, 2022-Dec. 31, 2022 at the Skydive Spaceland location of your choice.

You will ALSO get SEVEN (7) days to use the unlimited package at each other Spaceland location (28 days total)! Visit the other Spacelands for boogies, special events, or just for a change! After you use your seven days at that location, your jumps there will be $10 off each ($18) for the rest of the year.

But HURRY! This offer is limited to only a few spots at each Spaceland location!


  • Houston: $12,500
  • Dallas: $11,500
  • San Marcos: $11,500
  • Atlanta: $8,500
  • Clewiston: $8,500

Shop packages at other Spacelands:
Dallas * San Marcos * Atlanta * Florida

Do you have questions about living at or near Spaceland Houston, or how to get the most out of the package? Check out our Jump Package Survival Guide!

The Fine Print

  • Prepayment in full is required. No refunds or transfers. 
  • Must be a current, licensed skydiver to use package jumps.
  • Unlimited Jump Package may be used for the 2022 calendar year (January 1-Dec. 31). 
  • This package will cover your regular lift tickets (full altitude and hop & pops) out of Skydive Spaceland-owned aircraft all year at ONE Skydive Spaceland location of your choice. 
  • The package also includes seven (7) days of unlimited jumping (regular lift tickets only) at each other Skydive Spaceland location (currently 28 unlimited jump days) out of Skydive Spaceland-owned aircraft. After you use your seven unlimited jump days at a location (your first seven jump days at each location in 2022), your jumps there will be $10 off each ($18) for the rest of the year.
  • For higher-priced specialty jumps (including but not limited to night jumps, high-altitude jumps, and formation loads), the package will cover the first $28 of your jump ticket.
  • Unlimited jump packages are not transferable to other Spaceland locations. 
  • No double manifesting. You must manifest yourself. 
  • Gear rental is not included.
  • If you are team jumping, the package covers your slot but not your part of the videographer’s slot (if formation flyers are splitting the video slot).
  • Aircraft minimums apply. 
  • Skydive Spaceland reserves the right to cancel jump package benefits for any reason including, but not limited to, illegal activity on the airport or inappropriate/unsafe behavior.
  • Package jumpers (all jumpers, of course) must abide by Spaceland policies and safety guidelines. 
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.